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Pro Labore Dei (PLD) is  a Not For Profit (Charity) Organization with a radical fundamental option for the poorest of the poor.



Pro Labore Dei was founded on 16th May 1990 in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State of Nigeria. It began as a reponse to God’s call to Sister Stella- Maris Okonkwo to "Go out into the streets and slum areas where people are suffering and look after the poor". She began the work with a few destitute in the Bere area of Ibadan with only a few Naira in her pocket.  


 Under prayerful reflections, the principles and plan of action in phases were inspired .  


 Pro Labore Dei is a tender shoot, breaking through arid ground, amid scorching heat overcoming all oppositions, covert or overt with God’s mighty power to become a big tree under which people of all races and creed come for shelter, and to serve.


It all began as a journey to the unknown.Having received direct guidelines from God for the mission, during a nine-day novena of prayers, fasting and vigils Sr. Stella Maris marched out resolutely to pick up her first destitute. She ministered to the 1st set of destitute personally, feeding them from her meagre resources, cleaning and airing their rooms, bathing them when necessary, washing their clothes, supplying them with clothes, portable water and other necessities of life. Soon mistrust and doubt disappeared gradually and gave way to enthusiastic welcome everywhere. She later became a great friend of little children who called after her "Tita".


It was in January 1991 that help first came to Pro Labore Dei through a Redemptorist Superior

Rev. Gil Enderle and his Novices. The five of them worked hard, digging to help remove the 5 year old mound of garbage in Amusa’s room in Bere. Amusa, a paraplegic, was abandoned by his relation.Others soon joined i.e. Seminarians from S.S Peter and Paul, Bodija, White Fathers (Missionary of Africa) Jesuits, one or two Dominicans and several lay people.







Our mission is to work, guided by his Divine Majesty, to redeem His people from destitution. With thisin mind, we consciously strive not to rob the client of whatever little dignity he has left and we avoid publicity. Clients' histories are treated as confidential. On no account should clients' data or persons be covered by media publications. Our business is to restore again their lost dignity and self-esteem, another aspect of clothing. This clothing is to reflect on all areas of the apostolate, for in this is the actualization of our goal.