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When Your Soul is dirty

Posted on 29th July, 2017

Rev Sr Stella Maris sermon on Thursday 15th day of June 2017.                                 


We had an exercise based on this Bible passage. Sirach (Ecclesiasticus) 4:20-31, 5:1-15 :Meditate on the line that struck you for the next three days. Ask God why He gave you the passage, and what He saw in you that made Him to give that to you. After talking to God, formulate a prayer, make out a short prayer in  response.


Thank God for the graces you have received. Write down the line the Lord communicated to you, take it home. When you get home write out the words boldly or print it out and paste where you can see it every morning, work on it, make sure you change. You can use it as a prayer point for the whole year.


If the Lord ministered to you about your weak point, add it to your prayer. This is a very important exercise. Say yours so that others listening will learn, even the prayers that you say talks to us too.


Anywhere you are be careful of people who don't respond Amen to a prayer, they are very dangerous. If the word of God don't speak to you the devil will speak to you. Sr. Stella Maris said she has no room for Satan.


Do not sin and think you can get away with it. Trying to please everybody has been a pain for some people. The Lord will minister a song to someone to support the prayer of the people. Many people listen to there problem. They are preoccupied with their problem that they can't listen to God's word. Some people put themselves under a stupid person to lead them and both of them end up stupid.


Prayer for everybody should be to wait for God's blessings. Some people even when being advised will do what is in their mind in the end.


About Sirach 4:26, which says "dont be ashamed to confess your sins" Sr. Stella Maris said that what's coming to her is to tell everybody that the sentence may not just be about going to confession because in the time of Sirach, Jesus has not given His apostles power to forgive sins. The power was given to them in the New Testament.  So Sirach was saying that even before you reach the confessional, ask for the forgiveness of your sins wherever you are. Acknowledging the fact that you have sinned and ask for forgiveness anywhere, anytime and stop postponing the day of reconciliation. 


We must learn to go on our knees as soon as we offend God. To always acknowledge and ask Pardon even before the day we see the priest. Reconcile with God immediately so that you will not go to bed with the sin. Do not let yourself go to bed with sin, confess, go on your knees, pray pardon.                    


Sr. Stella Maris said that what she is teaching comes from the Spirit exposing the things that people in the world don't even know. If your soul is clean, Satan can't reach you. The devil comes around in the night with his agents.                                  


When your soul is dirty :               


1: your body shuts down when you sleep, consciousness shuts down, its only your spirit that is alive, thats when Satan and his agents comes to attack. But when they found you spotless, they can't attack you because you are one in spirit with God you are in union with God. It's in the night when you were asleep that the devil operates and plants his seeds in you.         


2: when your soul is dirty, your soul or spirit becomes a fertile ground like manure for the devils infestation.                     


3: when your soul is dirty, you become vulnerable to even marine spirit, witches and  wizards. You loose power, the soul weakens. Witches can attack you easily and you start looking for people to pray for you. But it's not about praying, it's about keeping your heart clean. Even if  Satan and his agents come, they will be the one to run away from you,


Deuteronomy 28:7… Even in the book of revelation it says that sorcerers, witches will not enter heaven. You are in danger at all times even during the day. The devil can attack you anytime. Danger of falling, of eternal death. You are vulnerable always.                                   


4: Don't be ashamed to ask for forgiveness. Accepting your fault. Apart from asking forgiveness from God, it talks about asking forgiveness from the person you offended.             


Sin is simply an offence against God and against your neighbour. When we sin it's either against God or our neighbour. The greatest problem of many people is that they are never wrong, they never accept that they have done something wrong. Do not be ashamed to admit your wrongs, weaknesses, failures, confess your shortcomings. And ask that God should help you not to go back to sin again.               If you go to bed with sin, you make yourself more vulnerable for Satan to come and plant his evil seeds. Do not be slow and ashamed to admit your fault.                                   Be humble and simple enough when you want to report a case . Even St Paul wrote that you should confess your sin to one another. Don't jeopardise your spirit or your soul.                         


"Lord continue to lead me and to direct me”. Amen

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