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Holy Spirit of God

Posted on 29th July, 2017



Sr. Stella-Maris taught us a song about the Holy Spirit;


Holy Spirit of Fire

Flame everlasting, so bright and clear

Speak this day to our heart

Lighten our darkness and rid us of fear

Holy Spirit of Fire


The wind can blow or be still

Or waters be patched by the sun

A fire can die into dust

But hear the eternal Spirit of God

Tells us a new World's begone


Topic : The Upper Room (continuation of the previous Thursday's Sermon)


Reading : Acts 1: 12-14( reading for the previous Thursday too), please read up.


Emphatic Verse : "They all gave themselves to constant prayer with one mind, together with some women and Mary mother of Jesus and his brothers." Acts 1:14


- In the Upper room, Mother Mary told the Apostles some stories about Jesus which they did not know before, and they appreciated God for choosing them.


- When the Apostles went to the upper room, they shut the door and windows out of fear.


- They did not know how the Holy Spirit will come and how he will look like.


- But while they were waiting, they devoted themselves into CONTINUOUS PRAYER.


- They did not devote themselves to gossip, sleeping or discussing about the people they left at home, but was praying so that they will recognise the Holy Spirit when he comes.


- Jesus gave them a Worldwide mission before he ascended into heaven when he said "...and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, throughout Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." Acts 1:8


- The statement was Jesus' last Will for them which they treasured and knowing that they will need strength to fulfill it, they devoted themselves into continuous prayer knowing fully well that the enemies of their Master were still alive.


- The Apostles gave themselves into continuous prayer through the following actions;

*Praying for strength

* Singing praises to God in appreciation for for choosing them.


* Listening to Mother Mary's stories about Jesus.


- Always be in a state of continuous prayer.


- How we can apply the Upper Room constant prayer method in our daily lives (even at work ) ;

*Offer what you are about to do to God.

*As you are working, keep recalling your encounter with Christ Jesus and all he did for you.

*In marvel for all he has done for you, begin to sing his praise.

* That may be a day of your fasting or abstinence.

*Always be in a state of openness; readiness for God.


- The Apostles kept their mission in mind and might have been planning how to fulfil the mission when they received the Holy Spirit.


- Do we carryout our mission?


- Our Catechism book stated our mission well when it answered; "God made me to know him, love him and serve him in this world and to be happy with him forever in the next. "


- Many of us are now doing the opposite by just knowing, loving and serving ourselves. That is why we devote much of our time into our selfish interests; circulating around food, what to wear and bills to settle (e.g school fees).


- Our main focus should be on God.


- He/She who knows what to do but doesn't do it is liable of bigger punishment.


- We Catholics have doctrines, Sacraments especially the Body and Blood of Jesus but some of us are still doing the opposite of the mission stated in the catechism book.


- The Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles and they spoke what people of different nations could hear in their different local languages.


"Let our help remain in the name of God. May Almighty God who spoke through me give you all the gifts of the Holy Spirit, that on the day of Pentecost we all may be truly wise, filled with the power to face challenges and fight satan till the end. May we be full of knowledge of God, knowledge of what he loves and hates... May your lives and my life bear his fruits. May we like a woman that is heavily pregnant give birth to... Fruits of love... Infectious joy... Peace... Patience... Kindness... Goodness... Faithfulness... Gentleness... and Self control in Jesus name, Amen." Sr. Stella-Maris’s concluding prayer.



-Rev Sr Stella Maris sermon on Thursday 8th day of June 2017.                             


-How does the Holy Spirit come to us.                              

-As a gentle breeze.                  

-As a sanctifier.                           

-As a wind.                            

-As a breath of life.

-the Holy Spirit sometimes breathes on us.    

The Holy Spirit is the active power of God.                         

-The Holy Spirit can come on us as fire.                               

-The Action Of The Holy Spirit In Our Life.                   


- 1. TRANSFORMATION.  It's the primary work of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit come to transform us. He brings about transformation.                


-2. The Holy Spirit come to give power. He empowers us to do the will of  God. What pleases God. To live God's will. If your actions are contrary to the will of God you have no Holy Spirit. The spirit comes to us in actual reality to transform and empower us.                            


-3. The Holy Spirit directs.  Sr. Stella-Maris said how she wish all of us will open our hearts for the Holy Spirit to direct us. How can you go wrong when your life is been directed by the Holy Spirit. If we open ourselves to be directed by the Holy Spirit, we will discover that we won't be fallen inside dirty water like pigs. He will direct our hearts to the things of God. If the Holy Spirit directs us, it's like we are living with God. He will lead us. He comes to show the way. He will direct our thoughts. He will fill our mind. He takes over our daily activities and direct them. But if you live in the absence of the Holy Spirit you will not know what is right or wrong. You will become an adult with infantile mentality, no direction, even when they use there initiative they will use it in the wrong direction. Even to use there common sense will be worse, it will become common nonsense. There minds depraved, internal mind closed, ears shut. People decides to evict the Holy Spirit in there minds. But if the Holy Spirit gives way the evil spirit takes over. You are baptised in baptism. You are cleansed from original sin when you are baptised and the Holy Spirit come into you. We have to continually ask God that we will not loose our position as a child of God because the day you do so the enemy comes in..     


The Holy spirit directs us in various ways.  In spiritual matters:


- He wakes us up to pray even without alarm. Even during the day in times of danger, the Holy Spirit makes us go on our knees to pray. It's not because we have eyes but the Holy Spirit does that if only we allow him. The Holy Spirit is there to direct us if we allow him because his place is inside us. He dwells in us. He is there on duty, working, speaking. He is there to lead and show us.                           


-The Holy Spirit is also a teacher if only we will allow him and we will learn what is not on any book on the face of the earth. That's where you will discover that there is more to learn apart from the ones in the scriptures.                          


-Sr. Stella-Maris said that what she sees in front of her is inexhaustible. Infinite is what God has in front of us for those who will allow him. The Holy Spirit is there to reveal, explain the one that nobody has explained to us. Let's allow him, he has So much to instruct. It has nothing to do with going to school. The Holy Spirit is there to underline them.                        


-4. The Holy Spirit come to melt our heart, to melt the stubborn heart. If you have a child that is stubborn, start novena to the Holy Spirit and the stubborn child will be  transformed. Some of us are stubborn to God. God will be saying do this and you refuse. Even some hearts are physically and spiritually stubborn. Being obstinate even to God. When praying to God to melt the heart of your stubborn child, pray for yourself too. After praying to the Holy Spirit to melt the stubborn heart, pray to God to remould you.(Read Jeremiah 18:1- )                   


So sometimes we are responsible for not getting a response from God. We need to check ourselves. Is there stubbornness /obstinacy somewhere??. Are you displeasing God. You have to tell God to melt you. Allow the Holy Spirit to melt you, remould and transform you. A lot depends on us. Maybe you are the vessel that the Potter is moulding and you are turning out the wrong way. Allow the Potter to melt and remould you into a new vessel, into the image of Jesus, into that which the Lord wants you to be, into that vessel that God has in mind, and something new can come out of you. The Holy spirit fashion's us into what God wants us to be.                         


-5. The Holy Spirit comes to vitalise. He makes you to be alive. He nourishes you to come alive. The Holy Spirit comes to make us alive not just living. Some people are just living. If the Holy Spirit is not in you, you are just living not alive. Some people are just physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally tired, some at the verge of despair, giving up hope, spiritually done because the fire of the Holy Spirit has gone out of them.                     


-Somebody that is alive throws sunshine into your life. There is something about them that you can't explain. Something inside them that the eye cannot see. something to do with the external, the Holy Spirit. They throw light into any situation for you, laughter, joy, happiness. Whatever they do they do it well. They are alive. When they talk about what God did for them, there mouth is full of joy, there laugh make you laugh, they bring solutions and not problems, cleans, sweeps church, run around at home helping people. The people that is just living suffer from obsessive compulsive something, that God should not allow us to be alive and prefers to die.               


-The Holy Spirit energizes us spiritually. The spirit comes to make us alive. When the spirit is in you, it brings with it all the fruits of the Holy Spirit. It gives you peace, joy, happiness.. Why can we not be that person that will say, i have the Holy Spirit and people will see the fruits in your life.       


-It makes us to be witnesses, evidence that our God reigns, exists, is alive and He bears the witnesses in us in various ways, in actions, in words that God exists and He is working in us, even when we feed beggars and testify to the goodness of God. If you don't have the Holy Spirit in you, you cannot give evidence, but if the spirit is in you, you will be directed to God.                                     


-For everything there is a season, time to laugh, time to relax. If Jesus wept, how can we not laugh.                               


-The Holy Spirit gives us the grace to glorify God. He comes to lead the way and show us the things we don't know about God. It's not about continuation, it's about the effect of the Holy Spirit, Are you going to allow him?       


-Be transformed, be Spirit filled, allow the spirit to Melt you, Vitalise you, Empower you, Make us to Follow God. May God help us not to miss out, amen.




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