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Do Not live a life of 'God Understands'

Posted on 29th July, 2017



TOPIC : Do not live a life of 'God understands, I am a human being' (sin of presumption).


Sr. Stella Maris started by asking for the impact of the previous Thursday's sermon in our lives.


She only gave 5 people the opportunity to share. They all testified the new positive changes in their lives after the previous sermon, and Sr. Stella Maris sang for God.


On the topic of the day, Sr Stella Maris said that when someone does something bad or refuses to do something good, devil will make the person comfort his / herself with the following words; don't worry, no problem, God understands, after all you are a human being.


When you hear these words, run and don't look back.


When the mosquito (devil) is telling you all those words, it is not trying to teach you that God understands but to trap you.


It wants to draw you out of the normal habit which is the Will of God and make you to live according to the flesh.


Never you remind God that you are a human being when you offend him.


God is NOT a wicked God. He CANNOT command you to do something without supplying graces you need to obey the command.


Whenever you go against God's Will or Commands, you do so because you refused to utilize the graces attached to that His Will or Commands.


So whenever you go against God's Will, blame yourself and not God.


Some people accuse God of their downfall by saying God give me the grace not to do that again, as if the grace was not given to them before.


Behind every Commandments, God has supplied the graces to keep them.


He CANNOT give you a load you cannot carry, nor tell you to do the things He knew you cannot do. Human beings can be like that but God is NOT.


HE is the Alewilese ( I can say and I can do what I said), Aleselewi.

(God has the ability to do whatever he says).


He can say anything, e.g "Let there be light", and there was light. He could say to red sea, 'part into two', and it did.


God's spoken words come down with the power to make it happen.


Call a spade a spade, just say that you were misled by the devil when you fall, be sorry and pick up the grace again.


For those who live the life of 'God understands', flash back to the Garden of Eden. God told man to eat every fruit in the garden except one, when they ate the forbidden fruit, did God understood why they ate it or that they were human beings? They were punished. Their punishment still exist till today; man has to till the ground to eat, and labour pain still exist till today for women.


Lord Jesus came to reconcile us with the Father, but the punishment that was attracted by the disobedience is still here today.


Many people are creating misery for themselves when they move around committing anything with the intention that God understands. They keep on attracting punishment in different ways.


God can punish us when we offend him. "Don't be deceived," Sr. Stella Maris warned.


That thing that devil used to deceive Adam and Eve; 'know know.'


The idiot told Eve that if they eat the forbidden fruit, they will be like God. Today people are in space (out of where God placed man) trying to know more, 'know know.'


Beware of the idiot's tactics!


The tactics as exposed by Sr. Stella Maris;


Keep them busy so that they will not hear the word of God; uselessly busy.


Make them too arrogant to obey the simple instructions.

Many will go to hell just for being disobedient. Those disobedient ones are the people that the Psalmist is referring to when he says "I left them in their stubbornness of heart to follow their own design." (Psalm 81:12)


Making people to believe the saying that what one does not know cannot kill the person, therefore the person will not be sorry when he /she offends God unknowingly, forgetting that Lord Jesus said "But the servant who does not know what his Master's want, and yet does something for which he deserves a whipping, will be punished with light whipping." (Luke 12:48). Jesus did NOT say that the person will not be punished.


Reading; Exodus 3:13-14( please read up).


God told Moses to tell them that I AM sent him.


AM means Ever present or Always present.


"God did not tell Moses to tell them that I was or would be sent him but I AM which means the being who exist in the now, who is Ever Present, Unaltered, Unchangeable, Never gets old or Younger, and also the Great, the Great because there is no one like Him." Said Sr. Stella Maris.


Do not presume that God understands.


Each time you tell God that you are a human being, you accuse God of lack of knowledge.


"You are dealing with the Great I AM, oh fearless creature, Sr. Stella Maris cautioned.


There are some prayers you pray that can land you into hell.




1. Always be sorry from you heart when you offend and repent.


2. Do not claim forgiveness as a right when you offend.


3. Remember that ignorant of the law is not an excuse in the Court of heaven.


4. Do not sit in your comfort zone and say God understands but weep for your sins and make necessary amendments.


5. When you offend someone, do not advise the person to forgive you by using the figure of speech 'to err is human, to forgive is divine, rather feel sorry from your heart and plead for forgiveness.


6. Guard your house (your heart) against the mosquito and don't give him chance to enter. If it enters by mistake, do not say God understands that I am a human being but kill the mosquito immediately by acknowledging your failure, plead for mercy and take all the necessary action to prevent the mosquito.


7. Remember that nothing is hidden in God's eye, even the thought of your heart is as loud as your voice before God.


Sr Stella Maris narrated how the Lord took her off when she was praying with some people in her house long ago. She said that when the Lord was bringing her back, she heard the people saying other things while they where praying. Sr. Stella Maris became annoyed with them, when she asked them why they were saying something else during prayer, they denied doing so but when Sr. Stella Maris told each one what they said, they were all shocked when they discovered that it was what they had in mind. Sr. Stella Maris said that she too became shocked because she heard each of them like words.


What is in your heart when you disobey God?


What is it that makes you to disobey the injections of God?


There is NO justification!


"Let the power of the Great I AM bring healing... Amen!

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