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There are various type of work in Pro Labore Dei.

They are:


1. Feeding Unit: To provide at least one main meal a day for clients.



2. Home Visitation Unit: To visit known clients at least once weekly.

3. House to House Fishing Unit: To visit 10 houses in the slum area and fish out at least 1 destitute by end of the week.

4. Business Funding Unit: After 4 counseling sessions with the client or skill-training the client, to give a small capital to set up the client in his own business.




5. Accommodation Unit: To ensure that each client has a safe roof over his head..

6. Skill-Training Unit: To skill-train clients so that they can be able to earn their living using acquired skill by the end of one year.

7. Education/School Unit: To educate their young thereby ensuring a better tomorrow for future generations.




8. Hospital Treatment Unit: To avail the clients of hospital treatment and facilities in case of serious ailment.

9. Cor-Jesu Rotationary Health Unit: To provide free medical services to meet clients’ physical, physiological, psychological, social and spiritual needs.

10. Prayer Unit: To organize the weekly or monthly public prayer sessions and monthly vigils for the spiritually destitute, for healing and setting free by the Lord.




11. Counseling Unit: To counsel the spiritually destitute for their conversion and to bring peace to their troubled souls.

12. Prison Unit: To minister to prisoners and those awaiting trial to promote their physical, psychological and spiritual health.

13. Farm Unit: To farm so has to provide food for clients and for fund raising to make Pro Labore Dei more self-reliant.


14. Care of Lepers

     Pro Labore Dei embarked on this mission primarily to:

  1. Provide surgical intervention and prosthesis (artificial limbs) to the lepers that require amputation.

  2. Rehabilitate the cured victims by setting up some form of business aimed at self reliance, and

  3. Provide accommodation to avoid return to the Lepers Settlement and also provide medical supplies for the needs of other Lepers whose cases do not require amputation.



16. Care of Widows

17. Skill Training Unit: To train clients for self-reliance.