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Death, Judgement, Hell and Heaven

Posted on 29th July, 2017



TOPICS : 1. The four last things you must always remember; Death, Judgement, Hell and Heaven.

2. What  responsibility did God assigned to you in His house?


Sr Stella Maris asked a Catechism question, which are the four last to always remember?

Answer; "the four last things to always remember are; death, judgement, hell and heaven."


She told us to always remember the four last things, so that we can make a choice.


The first two things are certain but you are to make choice between heaven and hell.


Whichever choice you make will determine your life style, and your lifestyle will earn you hell or heaven.


Nobody sends anybody to hell, rather one sends his or herself to hell by the choices the person made when he/she was on earth.


Sr. Stella Maris explained that anything that Catholic Church put in the Catechism came from the Bible. Therefore, she urged Catholics and non-Catholics to have and make use of catechism book.


The Bible passage that supported this passage of catechism is in book of Joshua when Joshua told the Israelites to make a choice on who to serve, whether God or idols, and he said, " for me and my family, we shall serve the Lord."


The choice between heaven and hell is a personal decision. Nobody will decide for you, nobody will do it for you.


Many people are taking care of their mortal body (cupboard) more than their real self(soul).


Some will wash themselves/their body up to three times in a day. Some will even paint their face with so many layers of makeup everyday, yet their real self(soul) have remained unwashed for days, weeks, months.


Remember you only need your body to move around and do good. Do not give higher attention to your body than your spirit.


Somebody like St. Anthony did NOT take more care of his body (ass as he called it) when he was on earth, rather he disciplined it.


Sr. Stella Maris learnt about him when he appeared to her the third time. She understood what he meant by that because she was calling herself Jesus' camel/donkey before Pro Labore Dei began meaning that she was ready to do whatever God wants her to do.


How do you wash your soul?

* by going to confession.

* doing charity work.

* begging pardon to God and the people you offended.


Always remember that the body you admire will enter box (coffin) one day, lowered into the ground and decay.


If you take care of your real self, the day you die, your glowing spirit will depart from your body and head into enjoyment, a place where God alone matters, and you will see God who will welcome you and you feel loved.


Mark yourself a citizen of heaven and your action will start to be like a citizen of heaven.


Many people are living according to the standard of the World. So  they will go where the people of the World live; hell.


Meditate or always think or imagine about heaven so that the day you will die your spirit will know the road to heaven.


Are you sending your bricks for your mansion in heaven, spiritual bricks by good work?


Some people cannot help their children to make heaven by buying catechism book and Bible and teaching them about God. How can such persons enjoy heaven even if the person chooses heaven , and noticed that her child is in hell fire, will the person enjoy heaven? Since nobody can be sad in heaven, the person will be sent where he /she will mourn.


If your lifestyle is not in line with your choice, make amendments and restructure your life.


Psalm 119: 166-68, The psalmist said as he wait for the Lord to save him, he does his commands and instructions.


God's command is the commandments, while his instructions are other things he told us to do in the Bible.


Don't be deceived by those who tell you that Jesus has gone to prepare a place for us. Yes! He has done that but going there is not automatic. You must comply.


Another reading; Mark 13;33- the end (please read up)

Sr. Stella _ Maris emphasised on 1. Be alert... You don't know the time.

2. "...he gave each servant a charge, giving them each one a responsibility."


Is only our Loving Father that can tell us the truth. devil will tell you that there is plenty of time, because it enjoys tormenting people, it is its hubby.


What is your responsibility in

God's house?


Some people do not know their responsibility not to talk of doing them.


Read Bible and catechism always and encourage your children to do so.


It will be terrible on the day of judgment.



1. Read Mark 13: 33- end.

Looking at this verse, "He gives each servant a charge, giving each one a responsibility."

What is your own responsibility in God's house?

2. Sing hymn 249 Catholic hymn book number daily for seven days and always meditate on the words for seven days.


Hymn Man is Lonely By Birth


Man is lonely by birth

Man is only a pilgrim on earth.

Born to be king, time is but a temporary thing,

Only on loan while on earth.


Like the wind in the tree,

Man has been rather reckless and free.

Thrown far and wide, he longs to settle down

Beside the stream flowing through eternity.


Like the grass on the lawn,

He will pass by the way and be gone,

A lesson to learn, we walk but once there’s no return,

Time is always moving on.


Man is longing for one,

For a song and a place in the sun,

For home up above where every day is lived in love.

For rest when the journey is done.


Please Note; concerning the assignment, we are to read the passage (Mark 13:33-37) daily for one week, and also sing and meditate on Hymn titled 'Man is lonely by birth' daily for one week.

God bless.

Do Not live a life of 'God Understands'

Posted on 29th July, 2017



TOPIC : Do not live a life of 'God understands, I am a human being' (sin of presumption).


Sr. Stella Maris started by asking for the impact of the previous Thursday's sermon in our lives.


She only gave 5 people the opportunity to share. They all testified the new positive changes in their lives after the previous sermon, and Sr. Stella Maris sang for God.


On the topic of the day, Sr Stella Maris said that when someone does something bad or refuses to do something good, devil will make the person comfort his / herself with the following words; don't worry, no problem, God understands, after all you are a human being.


When you hear these words, run and don't look back.


When the mosquito (devil) is telling you all those words, it is not trying to teach you that God understands but to trap you.


It wants to draw you out of the normal habit which is the Will of God and make you to live according to the flesh.


Never you remind God that you are a human being when you offend him.


God is NOT a wicked God. He CANNOT command you to do something without supplying graces you need to obey the command.


Whenever you go against God's Will or Commands, you do so because you refused to utilize the graces attached to that His Will or Commands.


So whenever you go against God's Will, blame yourself and not God.


Some people accuse God of their downfall by saying God give me the grace not to do that again, as if the grace was not given to them before.


Behind every Commandments, God has supplied the graces to keep them.


He CANNOT give you a load you cannot carry, nor tell you to do the things He knew you cannot do. Human beings can be like that but God is NOT.


HE is the Alewilese ( I can say and I can do what I said), Aleselewi.

(God has the ability to do whatever he says).


He can say anything, e.g "Let there be light", and there was light. He could say to red sea, 'part into two', and it did.


God's spoken words come down with the power to make it happen.


Call a spade a spade, just say that you were misled by the devil when you fall, be sorry and pick up the grace again.


For those who live the life of 'God understands', flash back to the Garden of Eden. God told man to eat every fruit in the garden except one, when they ate the forbidden fruit, did God understood why they ate it or that they were human beings? They were punished. Their punishment still exist till today; man has to till the ground to eat, and labour pain still exist till today for women.


Lord Jesus came to reconcile us with the Father, but the punishment that was attracted by the disobedience is still here today.


Many people are creating misery for themselves when they move around committing anything with the intention that God understands. They keep on attracting punishment in different ways.


God can punish us when we offend him. "Don't be deceived," Sr. Stella Maris warned.


That thing that devil used to deceive Adam and Eve; 'know know.'


The idiot told Eve that if they eat the forbidden fruit, they will be like God. Today people are in space (out of where God placed man) trying to know more, 'know know.'


Beware of the idiot's tactics!


The tactics as exposed by Sr. Stella Maris;


Keep them busy so that they will not hear the word of God; uselessly busy.


Make them too arrogant to obey the simple instructions.

Many will go to hell just for being disobedient. Those disobedient ones are the people that the Psalmist is referring to when he says "I left them in their stubbornness of heart to follow their own design." (Psalm 81:12)


Making people to believe the saying that what one does not know cannot kill the person, therefore the person will not be sorry when he /she offends God unknowingly, forgetting that Lord Jesus said "But the servant who does not know what his Master's want, and yet does something for which he deserves a whipping, will be punished with light whipping." (Luke 12:48). Jesus did NOT say that the person will not be punished.


Reading; Exodus 3:13-14( please read up).


God told Moses to tell them that I AM sent him.


AM means Ever present or Always present.


"God did not tell Moses to tell them that I was or would be sent him but I AM which means the being who exist in the now, who is Ever Present, Unaltered, Unchangeable, Never gets old or Younger, and also the Great, the Great because there is no one like Him." Said Sr. Stella Maris.


Do not presume that God understands.


Each time you tell God that you are a human being, you accuse God of lack of knowledge.


"You are dealing with the Great I AM, oh fearless creature, Sr. Stella Maris cautioned.


There are some prayers you pray that can land you into hell.




1. Always be sorry from you heart when you offend and repent.


2. Do not claim forgiveness as a right when you offend.


3. Remember that ignorant of the law is not an excuse in the Court of heaven.


4. Do not sit in your comfort zone and say God understands but weep for your sins and make necessary amendments.


5. When you offend someone, do not advise the person to forgive you by using the figure of speech 'to err is human, to forgive is divine, rather feel sorry from your heart and plead for forgiveness.


6. Guard your house (your heart) against the mosquito and don't give him chance to enter. If it enters by mistake, do not say God understands that I am a human being but kill the mosquito immediately by acknowledging your failure, plead for mercy and take all the necessary action to prevent the mosquito.


7. Remember that nothing is hidden in God's eye, even the thought of your heart is as loud as your voice before God.


Sr Stella Maris narrated how the Lord took her off when she was praying with some people in her house long ago. She said that when the Lord was bringing her back, she heard the people saying other things while they where praying. Sr. Stella Maris became annoyed with them, when she asked them why they were saying something else during prayer, they denied doing so but when Sr. Stella Maris told each one what they said, they were all shocked when they discovered that it was what they had in mind. Sr. Stella Maris said that she too became shocked because she heard each of them like words.


What is in your heart when you disobey God?


What is it that makes you to disobey the injections of God?


There is NO justification!


"Let the power of the Great I AM bring healing... Amen!

God Rules The World

Posted on 29th July, 2017



TOPICS : God rules the world and not the mosquito (satan).


God is God and remains God no matter what the mosquito is doing.


As long as the Kingdom of God exists, the mosquito CANNOT rule the world. It can only make noise.


Where was the noise the mosquito made when Jesus was on earth? Lord Jesus is now reigning more than he reigned then.


satan CANNOT take over the earth. The Bible told us that it will make noise for a while.


God is reigning and he is on his throne.


As long as people like us who CANNOT allow satan to rule us exist, the idiot (satan) CANNOT rule the world.


Mind your speeches. Never say again that satan is ruling the world.


Jesus rules the world. He rules the world with truth and grace and makes the nations prove the glories of his righteousness.


Sr. Stella Maris further said that some people are wrongly ascribing power to the mosquito. She gave an instance of someone who said that since he renounced alusi (deity ) in their family, things became hard for him.


Sr. Stella Maris asked how can someone who have rejected the deity turn back to believe that the deity has power over him.


"Do not ascribe power to that powerless idiot. Be careful lest you commit blasphemy. " Sr. Stella Maris warned.


Then she sang this verse of 'all hail the power of Jesus' song;


Let every kindred every tribe

On this terrestrial ball

On this terrestrial ball

To him all majesty ascribe

And crown him...


Sr. Stella Maris emphasized that we must not ascribe power to mosquito but should deal with it the way we deal with mosquito.


Don't do what will make the gate of heaven to be shut against you, not because you did not feed the poor but because you ascribed power to the devil; ascribing power to the creature. satan is a fallen angel who refused to ascribed power to the CREATOR, though it did for a while and Archangel Michael fought, defeated and chased him down from heaven.


devil is too small for God to engage in a fight. So, God gave his mate then, Archangel Michael power to defeat it. How can a whole CREATOR begin to fight with a creature, impossible!


When you are praising God, devil will not be happy, so continue and don't turn back to ascribe power to the devil. It has no power over you.


Sr Stella Maris  gave an instance of one person who confessed to her that she was sent by her fellow witches in their meeting to come and attack Sr. Stella Maris, but when she reached the entrance to Sr. Stella Maris’s house in the night, Mother Mary came out of Sr. Stella Maris’s house and the woman ran to a far distance and Mother matched round Sr. Stella Maris’s house and entered back to the house. The mosquito really does not have power over us!





"There is this God who is my God, he is the Almighty, Jehovah Rapha. He is the very God... This El-Shaddai sits on the throne (with a great assurance that) He has this eye, the Great Eye, the True Eye of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This Eye envelopes the whole universe. God's Eye sees anyway. He doesn't have to look to see. He doesn't have to say let me see before he see.” Said Sr. Stella Maris.

(Sr Stella Maris at this juncture said she has not seen the better word to explain God's eye for us, so she paused to think)


"Tell them that they are all contained in my eyes." says the Lord to Sr. Stella Maris. "And not only them, the whole universe..."


Since we are all contained in God's eye, He knows all about us and not just seeing us.


God's eye does not follow the process of focusing, registering to the retina and reporting to the brain before seeing.


Everything we do is being done inside God's eye whether good or bad.


The bad things we do irritates God's eye and they are like foreign materials in His eye. No wonder the Lord told Sr Stella Maris long time ago "I love the sinner but My eye hate sin."


Being in God's eye can be both beautiful and dangerous.


It is beautiful when you do good things, and also knowing that whatever happens or wants to happen to you He knows them.


It is dangerous when we do bad things. We cannot hide from Him. For example all the abortions that people commit are being done inside His eye, so irritating!


Be careful and avoid sin because it irritates God's eye.


(The new knowledge of being inside God's eye touches the hearts of people, as people testified)

Glorifying God With Our Lives

Posted on 29th July, 2017





- Sr. Stella Maris told us to critically examine ourselves. She directed the exercise as follows;


1. How old are you? Declare your age to God.


2. Whatever your age is examine it. Have you live a life that you can say "yes, my 20,30,50 years on earth for instance has glorify God."


3. If yes, in what ways has it glorify God?


- For all God has done for you, what have you done to glorify God.


- How are you repaying God for his goodness?


- In what ways has your life glorified God, and in what ways is it glorifying God. Write down your answers.


- Are you sure that what you did or doing is glorifying God?


- A life that does not glorify God is as good as DEAD. The Bible says that the dead cannot praise God (Psalm 115:17-18), which means that they cannot glorify God.


- Your life should be giving glory to God constantly and NOT sometimes or once in awhile.


- Then if your answer to question 2 above is 'no', i.e your answer is that your life does not glorify God, your number 3 question is;


3. Why is your life not glorifying God? What is holding you? Devil can tie somebody and put his angels to guard the person so that the person cannot glorify God.


- Sr. Stella Maris gave an instance of someone who after her setting free narrated that while Sr. Stella Maris was setting her free, she saw herself in a very dark place; total darkness, and was tied to a pole, then an Angel of God came to free her from the bondage. The person confessed that she had been to so many churches in search of setting free but was unable to be set free. Sr. Stella Maris said that was how devil has tied some people that even if they want to escape, they will find it difficult to escape from the devil. They cannot glorify God.


The people in that category are the people Lord Jesus was referring to when he said "...we play wedding music for you, but you would not dance, we sang funeral song, but you would not cry... " (Matt. 11:17). Nothing works for such people. Indeed, nothing was working for the woman.


To be loosened is one thing and to enter light is another. During another setting free session the lady fell and was like a dead person. When she woke up, she narrated that she found herself inside a very deep pit, then a woman held her hand and pulled her out of the pit and handed her over to Sr. Stella Maris and she saw a brilliant light. After that second setting free, the person's life started to glorify God.


- Some problems you are facing in this world is a manifestation of what is happening in the spiritual realm. Some  people are carrying spirit of devourer that they cannot save anything and destruction that they spoil everything they touch.


- It is only Jesus the Saviour that can save the person.


- At this juncture, Sr Stella Maris sang a song that meant 'Jesus You are a consuming fire, only You went to the underworld and came back victoriously'.


- Jesus went into the underworld and set the captives free.


- If you call Jesus the Saviour to save you, when he comes, satan will run or fall flat and Jesus will set the captive free.


- That which Jesus did for Himself is what He is doing for anyone who calls Him for rescue. After Jesus was buried, satan thought that he has won but Jesus victoriously rose on the third day and passed over the guards they place to watch His grave while they were fast asleep. He said that He laid His life of His own accord.


- Sr. Stella Maris further said that as a good doctor or nurse finds out the cause of his /her patient's illness before treatment for better result, so also you must examine yourself when you encounter problem.


- When some people noticed that he /she is in bondage and want to be saved, devil continue to attack the person's effort to be free, so we must watch out. For instance the person may say that he /she will book and attend the Mass daily and also pray by 3: pm but before the time, devil will send visitor that will make the person forget when it is 3pm or the person may come out to go to Mass but will not get a taxi on time, etc.




1. When you want to pray at a particular time and forget, start the prayer anytime you remember and the devil will not be comfortable.


2. Be stubborn when it comes to the devil. Do not heed to its advice or suggestions. eg, when you are preparing to attend Sunday morning Mass, and the devil wants you to miss the Mass, he will suggest to you to go for evening Mass rather than morning so that before the time he will send something that may stop you from going. Just say I am going this Mass now!


3. To glorify the Lord and fight the devil requires stubbornness, determination and persistence.


4. Resist the devil and remain liberated.


- If your life has been glorifying the Lord, grade yourself over ten.


- Your life must glorify the Lord now for you don't know the time.


- Reading; John 13:31. Lord Jesus said when he was about to leave the world " now the son of Man is glorified and God is glorified in him".


- "Christians, can you say the same on your dying day. Is God glorified in you". Sr Stella Maris asked.


- 2nd Reading; Galatians 6:7-10 (please read up).


- Sr Stella Maris emphasised on the phrase 'family in the faith'.


- Ones life does not glorify God if he /she does not extend his /her goodness to those in need universally especially those who belong to our FAMILY IN THE FAITH.


- Problem of this generation is biological family centered.


- For your life to glorify God;


* Live in the Spirit. Do not live by worldly standard.


* Do good to everybody around you especially to those who belong to our family in the faith (that is, our fellow Christians).


- Remember that little little things make up the goodness. Don't wait till you do the big ones. eg do not hoard information from someone you know will benefit from it, etc.


- When the Lord will come to call those that have shown goodness to others, some people shall rejoice while some will cry because no goodness has been recorded for them.


- Some of us are so selfish and like comfort.


- We cannot deceive God.


- Remember that Jesus went about doing good, He glorified His Father and His Father glorified Him by raising Him from death. He was the only one that was worthy to collect the Scroll from his Father and heaven glorified Him.


- "As we glorify Him here, He will glorify us in heaven. He who has ear, let him hear." Sr Stella Maris’s concluding statement.

Holy Spirit of God

Posted on 29th July, 2017



Sr. Stella-Maris taught us a song about the Holy Spirit;


Holy Spirit of Fire

Flame everlasting, so bright and clear

Speak this day to our heart

Lighten our darkness and rid us of fear

Holy Spirit of Fire


The wind can blow or be still

Or waters be patched by the sun

A fire can die into dust

But hear the eternal Spirit of God

Tells us a new World's begone


Topic : The Upper Room (continuation of the previous Thursday's Sermon)


Reading : Acts 1: 12-14( reading for the previous Thursday too), please read up.


Emphatic Verse : "They all gave themselves to constant prayer with one mind, together with some women and Mary mother of Jesus and his brothers." Acts 1:14


- In the Upper room, Mother Mary told the Apostles some stories about Jesus which they did not know before, and they appreciated God for choosing them.


- When the Apostles went to the upper room, they shut the door and windows out of fear.


- They did not know how the Holy Spirit will come and how he will look like.


- But while they were waiting, they devoted themselves into CONTINUOUS PRAYER.


- They did not devote themselves to gossip, sleeping or discussing about the people they left at home, but was praying so that they will recognise the Holy Spirit when he comes.


- Jesus gave them a Worldwide mission before he ascended into heaven when he said "...and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, throughout Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." Acts 1:8


- The statement was Jesus' last Will for them which they treasured and knowing that they will need strength to fulfill it, they devoted themselves into continuous prayer knowing fully well that the enemies of their Master were still alive.


- The Apostles gave themselves into continuous prayer through the following actions;

*Praying for strength

* Singing praises to God in appreciation for for choosing them.


* Listening to Mother Mary's stories about Jesus.


- Always be in a state of continuous prayer.


- How we can apply the Upper Room constant prayer method in our daily lives (even at work ) ;

*Offer what you are about to do to God.

*As you are working, keep recalling your encounter with Christ Jesus and all he did for you.

*In marvel for all he has done for you, begin to sing his praise.

* That may be a day of your fasting or abstinence.

*Always be in a state of openness; readiness for God.


- The Apostles kept their mission in mind and might have been planning how to fulfil the mission when they received the Holy Spirit.


- Do we carryout our mission?


- Our Catechism book stated our mission well when it answered; "God made me to know him, love him and serve him in this world and to be happy with him forever in the next. "


- Many of us are now doing the opposite by just knowing, loving and serving ourselves. That is why we devote much of our time into our selfish interests; circulating around food, what to wear and bills to settle (e.g school fees).


- Our main focus should be on God.


- He/She who knows what to do but doesn't do it is liable of bigger punishment.


- We Catholics have doctrines, Sacraments especially the Body and Blood of Jesus but some of us are still doing the opposite of the mission stated in the catechism book.


- The Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles and they spoke what people of different nations could hear in their different local languages.


"Let our help remain in the name of God. May Almighty God who spoke through me give you all the gifts of the Holy Spirit, that on the day of Pentecost we all may be truly wise, filled with the power to face challenges and fight satan till the end. May we be full of knowledge of God, knowledge of what he loves and hates... May your lives and my life bear his fruits. May we like a woman that is heavily pregnant give birth to... Fruits of love... Infectious joy... Peace... Patience... Kindness... Goodness... Faithfulness... Gentleness... and Self control in Jesus name, Amen." Sr. Stella-Maris’s concluding prayer.



-Rev Sr Stella Maris sermon on Thursday 8th day of June 2017.                             


-How does the Holy Spirit come to us.                              

-As a gentle breeze.                  

-As a sanctifier.                           

-As a wind.                            

-As a breath of life.

-the Holy Spirit sometimes breathes on us.    

The Holy Spirit is the active power of God.                         

-The Holy Spirit can come on us as fire.                               

-The Action Of The Holy Spirit In Our Life.                   


- 1. TRANSFORMATION.  It's the primary work of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit come to transform us. He brings about transformation.                


-2. The Holy Spirit come to give power. He empowers us to do the will of  God. What pleases God. To live God's will. If your actions are contrary to the will of God you have no Holy Spirit. The spirit comes to us in actual reality to transform and empower us.                            


-3. The Holy Spirit directs.  Sr. Stella-Maris said how she wish all of us will open our hearts for the Holy Spirit to direct us. How can you go wrong when your life is been directed by the Holy Spirit. If we open ourselves to be directed by the Holy Spirit, we will discover that we won't be fallen inside dirty water like pigs. He will direct our hearts to the things of God. If the Holy Spirit directs us, it's like we are living with God. He will lead us. He comes to show the way. He will direct our thoughts. He will fill our mind. He takes over our daily activities and direct them. But if you live in the absence of the Holy Spirit you will not know what is right or wrong. You will become an adult with infantile mentality, no direction, even when they use there initiative they will use it in the wrong direction. Even to use there common sense will be worse, it will become common nonsense. There minds depraved, internal mind closed, ears shut. People decides to evict the Holy Spirit in there minds. But if the Holy Spirit gives way the evil spirit takes over. You are baptised in baptism. You are cleansed from original sin when you are baptised and the Holy Spirit come into you. We have to continually ask God that we will not loose our position as a child of God because the day you do so the enemy comes in..     


The Holy spirit directs us in various ways.  In spiritual matters:


- He wakes us up to pray even without alarm. Even during the day in times of danger, the Holy Spirit makes us go on our knees to pray. It's not because we have eyes but the Holy Spirit does that if only we allow him. The Holy Spirit is there to direct us if we allow him because his place is inside us. He dwells in us. He is there on duty, working, speaking. He is there to lead and show us.                           


-The Holy Spirit is also a teacher if only we will allow him and we will learn what is not on any book on the face of the earth. That's where you will discover that there is more to learn apart from the ones in the scriptures.                          


-Sr. Stella-Maris said that what she sees in front of her is inexhaustible. Infinite is what God has in front of us for those who will allow him. The Holy Spirit is there to reveal, explain the one that nobody has explained to us. Let's allow him, he has So much to instruct. It has nothing to do with going to school. The Holy Spirit is there to underline them.                        


-4. The Holy Spirit come to melt our heart, to melt the stubborn heart. If you have a child that is stubborn, start novena to the Holy Spirit and the stubborn child will be  transformed. Some of us are stubborn to God. God will be saying do this and you refuse. Even some hearts are physically and spiritually stubborn. Being obstinate even to God. When praying to God to melt the heart of your stubborn child, pray for yourself too. After praying to the Holy Spirit to melt the stubborn heart, pray to God to remould you.(Read Jeremiah 18:1- )                   


So sometimes we are responsible for not getting a response from God. We need to check ourselves. Is there stubbornness /obstinacy somewhere??. Are you displeasing God. You have to tell God to melt you. Allow the Holy Spirit to melt you, remould and transform you. A lot depends on us. Maybe you are the vessel that the Potter is moulding and you are turning out the wrong way. Allow the Potter to melt and remould you into a new vessel, into the image of Jesus, into that which the Lord wants you to be, into that vessel that God has in mind, and something new can come out of you. The Holy spirit fashion's us into what God wants us to be.                         


-5. The Holy Spirit comes to vitalise. He makes you to be alive. He nourishes you to come alive. The Holy Spirit comes to make us alive not just living. Some people are just living. If the Holy Spirit is not in you, you are just living not alive. Some people are just physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally tired, some at the verge of despair, giving up hope, spiritually done because the fire of the Holy Spirit has gone out of them.                     


-Somebody that is alive throws sunshine into your life. There is something about them that you can't explain. Something inside them that the eye cannot see. something to do with the external, the Holy Spirit. They throw light into any situation for you, laughter, joy, happiness. Whatever they do they do it well. They are alive. When they talk about what God did for them, there mouth is full of joy, there laugh make you laugh, they bring solutions and not problems, cleans, sweeps church, run around at home helping people. The people that is just living suffer from obsessive compulsive something, that God should not allow us to be alive and prefers to die.               


-The Holy Spirit energizes us spiritually. The spirit comes to make us alive. When the spirit is in you, it brings with it all the fruits of the Holy Spirit. It gives you peace, joy, happiness.. Why can we not be that person that will say, i have the Holy Spirit and people will see the fruits in your life.       


-It makes us to be witnesses, evidence that our God reigns, exists, is alive and He bears the witnesses in us in various ways, in actions, in words that God exists and He is working in us, even when we feed beggars and testify to the goodness of God. If you don't have the Holy Spirit in you, you cannot give evidence, but if the spirit is in you, you will be directed to God.                                     


-For everything there is a season, time to laugh, time to relax. If Jesus wept, how can we not laugh.                               


-The Holy Spirit gives us the grace to glorify God. He comes to lead the way and show us the things we don't know about God. It's not about continuation, it's about the effect of the Holy Spirit, Are you going to allow him?       


-Be transformed, be Spirit filled, allow the spirit to Melt you, Vitalise you, Empower you, Make us to Follow God. May God help us not to miss out, amen.




Final Judgement

Posted on 29th July, 2017





- On behalf of the poor, Sr. Stella-Maris thanked all PLD family members that came out to reach out to the poor on Friday the feast of Sacred Heart.


- She narrated final judgment that Jesus stated in the Gospel of Matthew. (Matt. 25: 31-46. Please read up)


-"When the Son of Man comes in his glory with all his Angels, he will sit on the throne of glory. All the nations will be brought before him, and as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats, so he will divide them, placing the sheep on his right hand and goats on his left."


- The King will say to those on His right, come blessed of My Father! Take possession of the kingdom... For I was hungry you fed Me, thirsty you gave Me to drink, stranger you welcomed Me into your house, naked you clothed Me, sick and in prison you visited Me.


- The upright will ask Him when they saw Him in those needful situations and did all those things for Him and the King will answer, "truly I say to you, whenever you did this to one of the least of My brothers, you did it to Me." (Matt. 25:37-40)


- On the other hand, He will say to those on His left, go away from me, you that are under God's curse, go into the eternal fire which has been prepared for the devil and his angels! For I was hungry you did not give Me anything to eat, thirsty and you gave Me nothing to drink, stranger you did not welcome Me into your house, naked you did not clothe Me, sick and in prison and you did not visit Me. ( Matt. 25:41-43)


- So the people will also ask Him when they saw Him in those needful conditions and did not do all those things to Him and the King will answer; "truly I say to you whatever you did not do for one of the least of My brothers, you did not do it to Me."  (Matt25:44-45)


- Sr. Stella Maris said that Our Lord Jesus has exposed to us the things we should do to enter heaven. But some people have neglected it, and looking for something bigger to do in order to go to heaven.


- Like students whose teacher has given areas of concentration for the exam after teaching them, Jesus has told us what we should do to go to heaven. Any of the students who fails to concentrate on the areas while preparing for the exam and thereby fails the exam, is a foolish student.


- The problem of some people is that they do not believe that what will make them go to heaven can be as simple as the things Jesus stated in Matt. 25. So such people fashioned for themselves what they think will make them go to heaven.


-Sr. Stella Maris made an illustration of a rich man Chief/Sir/Dr/...who neglected the passage and went on donating big things in the Church in order to be recognized by his Parish Priests and Bishops.


Many times, while going to handover the Churches he built to the Priests/ Bishops, he passed many beggars on the road and never thought of helping them. He always get irritated when beggars come near his jeep or house to ask for anything. He took NO delight in helping the poor.


Since he donates very expensive things in the Church in order to be recognized, he was recognized by the authorities in the Church. He was a friend to many Priests and Bishops. Whenever Bishop visits his parish, the priest would introduce him to the Bishop as the pillar behind the parish. He was always praised by the people in the Church. On the days of special functions in the Church, seats will be reserved for him and his household. He sits in a banquet with high officials of the Church on those days. He was given big titles in the Church.


One day he died and thought he would make heaven. When he reached, Peter checked the list and told him that the gate of heaven cannot be opened for him because his name was not on the list. The man doubted and told St. Peter to check well because he donated so much to the Church. So Peter mentioned some names of people from his parish on the list e. g Agnes Labaja. The man was astonished and shouted, "Agnes! How can her name be there and mine missing" the man asked. He went on "Agnes was poor and had not donated to the Church like I did, I even sometimes gave her some money."


So St. Peter answered that Agnes spent her life helping the poor; feeding them, clothing  and visiting them, etc. He told the rich man that even when he gave Agnes money, she used some of the money to help the poor.


Then the man started to protest, shouting that he cannot be allowed to go to hellfire but Peter reminded him that such a thing is not being done in heaven, that he had all his reserved seats in earthly banquets but none in heaven while Agnes was not recognized and had none on earth but is highly recognized in heaven. She has her seat reserved here in heaven.


Then the devil came to drag the rich man into hell and his voice was heard screaming, "NO!  NO!


- So Sr. Stella Maris  said that the gate of heaven can ONLY be made open if we follow the criteria of life stated on Matt. 25, and not our big titles.


- Our actions of help to the poor go ahead of us to open the gate of heaven even before we reach.


- When you render all those assistance to the poor, you render them to Jesus and Jesus whom you rendered the assistance to will give your name to His Father, therefore His Father will include your name in the book of heaven.


- "He who has ear, let him hear what the Spirit has spoken on this day of the feast of Saints Peter and Paul." (Sr. Stella-Maris’s concluding prayer)

Do Not Be Like Them

Posted on 29th July, 2017

Rev St StellaMaris sermon on Thursday 22nd day of June 2017.                                    Topic : Do not be like them.      

Matthew 6:7-8.                       


Jesus today reminds us not to be like the pagans. The word "Do not be like them" does not mean only when you are praying. Christians do not be like pagans. Jesus is telling us to behave like a follower of Christ. They were called Christians for the first time in Antioch Because they were so Christlike. People that follow Christ behave like Him, exemplify His way, heal the sick, raise the dead, shared whatever they had, owned nothing just like Jesus had nothing. Because they follow everything that Jesus did and teach - they were called Christians.                               


Jesus says I am the way, the truth and the life. You can't be a Christian and be a liar. There has to be a difference. It's not only in truth. Do not be like them. Stop behaving like pagans.


Everybody should check themselves, in which way are you behaving like them. Everybody behaves like them. Outwardly a Christian, inwardly a pagan. The way you think, the way you talk, the way you dance. There are some type of dance that does not fit a Christian. You don't know the spirit that is making them dance like that, it may be spirit of prostitution. Not every dance fits you.


Do not be like them applies to every other thing. If the pagans are making fast money the wrong way, do not be like them. You the Christian make your money the right way. No matter how fast you think you are going one day the spirit of God will arrest you. Follow the way of the Lord. It may be full of thorns but at the end there is a crown. It may be a way of suffering but at the end it will make you a saint.                         


Pagan way of thinking, you are like them if you want to cheat and have good grades or follow a lecturer to have good marks. Or because of what they are wearing and you decide to join them in there way of dressing.                                     


Act like the children of kings and queens. After all your Father is a king and our Mother Mary is the Queen. You are a citizen in the court of The King. Dress right, talk right, behave right because you are prince and princesses.


When you behave like a pagan it is because of lack of civilisation - your fashion sense, behaviours, mentality, words of your mouth, in the exam hall, your certificate, everything is pagan.


Why are you deceiving yourself bearing Christian name when your prayer does not reflect in your behaviour. Your prayer is what determines your spirituality, your mentality and your mentality determines how you reason and behave, don't be like them.


Psalm 1: The place of the Christian is with the laws of the Lord. People suffer because they don't follow the way of the Lord. The portion of the Christian is the law of the Lord and to be meditating on what will please God. Christians should find delight in the law of the Lord. The law of the Lord is the things that God wants. You should meditate on it.


For everything there is a season. We are talking about due season. There is time to be hot, time to be cool and time to be calm. In so doing you become a tree planted by the river side bearing it's fruits in due season -bearing fruits of peace, joy, love and so on. At other times you bear fruits of patience, giving somebody a long rope. You have to learn to bear fruits in due season as and when necessary/needed. Amen.

When Your Soul is dirty

Posted on 29th July, 2017

Rev Sr Stella Maris sermon on Thursday 15th day of June 2017.                                 


We had an exercise based on this Bible passage. Sirach (Ecclesiasticus) 4:20-31, 5:1-15 :Meditate on the line that struck you for the next three days. Ask God why He gave you the passage, and what He saw in you that made Him to give that to you. After talking to God, formulate a prayer, make out a short prayer in  response.


Thank God for the graces you have received. Write down the line the Lord communicated to you, take it home. When you get home write out the words boldly or print it out and paste where you can see it every morning, work on it, make sure you change. You can use it as a prayer point for the whole year.


If the Lord ministered to you about your weak point, add it to your prayer. This is a very important exercise. Say yours so that others listening will learn, even the prayers that you say talks to us too.


Anywhere you are be careful of people who don't respond Amen to a prayer, they are very dangerous. If the word of God don't speak to you the devil will speak to you. Sr. Stella Maris said she has no room for Satan.


Do not sin and think you can get away with it. Trying to please everybody has been a pain for some people. The Lord will minister a song to someone to support the prayer of the people. Many people listen to there problem. They are preoccupied with their problem that they can't listen to God's word. Some people put themselves under a stupid person to lead them and both of them end up stupid.


Prayer for everybody should be to wait for God's blessings. Some people even when being advised will do what is in their mind in the end.


About Sirach 4:26, which says "dont be ashamed to confess your sins" Sr. Stella Maris said that what's coming to her is to tell everybody that the sentence may not just be about going to confession because in the time of Sirach, Jesus has not given His apostles power to forgive sins. The power was given to them in the New Testament.  So Sirach was saying that even before you reach the confessional, ask for the forgiveness of your sins wherever you are. Acknowledging the fact that you have sinned and ask for forgiveness anywhere, anytime and stop postponing the day of reconciliation. 


We must learn to go on our knees as soon as we offend God. To always acknowledge and ask Pardon even before the day we see the priest. Reconcile with God immediately so that you will not go to bed with the sin. Do not let yourself go to bed with sin, confess, go on your knees, pray pardon.                    


Sr. Stella Maris said that what she is teaching comes from the Spirit exposing the things that people in the world don't even know. If your soul is clean, Satan can't reach you. The devil comes around in the night with his agents.                                  


When your soul is dirty :               


1: your body shuts down when you sleep, consciousness shuts down, its only your spirit that is alive, thats when Satan and his agents comes to attack. But when they found you spotless, they can't attack you because you are one in spirit with God you are in union with God. It's in the night when you were asleep that the devil operates and plants his seeds in you.         


2: when your soul is dirty, your soul or spirit becomes a fertile ground like manure for the devils infestation.                     


3: when your soul is dirty, you become vulnerable to even marine spirit, witches and  wizards. You loose power, the soul weakens. Witches can attack you easily and you start looking for people to pray for you. But it's not about praying, it's about keeping your heart clean. Even if  Satan and his agents come, they will be the one to run away from you,


Deuteronomy 28:7… Even in the book of revelation it says that sorcerers, witches will not enter heaven. You are in danger at all times even during the day. The devil can attack you anytime. Danger of falling, of eternal death. You are vulnerable always.                                   


4: Don't be ashamed to ask for forgiveness. Accepting your fault. Apart from asking forgiveness from God, it talks about asking forgiveness from the person you offended.             


Sin is simply an offence against God and against your neighbour. When we sin it's either against God or our neighbour. The greatest problem of many people is that they are never wrong, they never accept that they have done something wrong. Do not be ashamed to admit your wrongs, weaknesses, failures, confess your shortcomings. And ask that God should help you not to go back to sin again.               If you go to bed with sin, you make yourself more vulnerable for Satan to come and plant his evil seeds. Do not be slow and ashamed to admit your fault.                                   Be humble and simple enough when you want to report a case . Even St Paul wrote that you should confess your sin to one another. Don't jeopardise your spirit or your soul.                         


"Lord continue to lead me and to direct me”. Amen

Working with the displaced

Posted on 25th January, 2014

Pro Labore Dei members along with Missionary of Love and Mercy missionaries worked together  to help some displaced victims of flood in Asaba Delta State, Nigeria, who lost their homes, personal effects and businesses.


In PLD and MLM, our main objective is to bring hope to the hopeless. Presently in Mali, PLD members are working with the displaced persons as result of conflict in the Northern part of the country while in Ghana the MLM are working with the Ivorian refugees. After seeing the plight of the displaced persons in Asaba first at St Patrick’s college Asaba camp and then at the ICE camp Asaba, we could not but help.



In the camp we concentrated on keeping the youth occupied by running skill acquisition programme such as Computer training, Knitting, baking, hair dressing, tailoring and soap making.



We gave out mattresses and mosquito nets. We supervised the distribution of food. Football league was also set up. Minimum of eleven babies were born in the camp and were subsequently housed in the MLM base in Asaba.


Even though many are leaving the camp and going home, many have nowhere to go so the work continues………


Posted on 9th March, 2013

Pro Labore Dei celebrated its 2nd year anniversary on the 22nd of January 2013.




... We started with a small school in the slum area of kisenyi with 45 kids. Now the school has 300 pupils and we are still registering.

In school we also have a tailoring department that equips our clients with skills. The department has around 15 students.


We have other activities at school for the children such as music, dance, sports such as football and gardening.






As part of the school programme the children are thought to give back to the society. They participate in activities such as meals on wheels, hospital visitation, prison visitation etc.


Our school has changed the environment we are living in where single destitute mothers and the society are now proud of.



The branch also opened up an orphanage which started with 1 orphan but now we have 12 orphans. They all attend school.




They provide basic health care to the poor on the street of Kampala.


Our medical assistant in the two years has managed to treat around 12,054 clients with serious wounds and other related diseases.



                                   IMMUNIZATION OF ALL THE CHILDREN IN OUR SCHOOL


We have in our care two little children who are HIV positive. They are doing well and attending school.



In two years over 27,000 meals have been given out to the hungry poor on the street and in their homes.



                        MEAL PREPARATION                                                           MEALS ON WHEELS




We also have a team that go for hospital visitation. They visit different hospitals such as Mulago hospital, Mengo hospital four times a month. The team counsels the sick and gives out food to the needy.


The same team goes to different prisons for counseling. They give out food items, clothes, medicine and other materials to the prisoners.


In the two years the above activities have been taking place in PRO LABORE DEI UGANDA BRANCH.


Great thanks go to all the parties that have put in their effort for the progress of PRO LABORE DEI UGANDA BRANCH.