Phnom Penh

In February 2010 Sr. Theresa went on mission to Cambodia (South East Asia). where she located the poor, secured indigenous member of staff and rented a property to be used for the work in Phnom Penh.

Later on in February Barrister Yvonne Nwamu left Nigeria and her job to go to Cambodia as a missionary so as to continue were Sr. Theresa left off. Though she spoke no khmer, (which is the local language) she courageously sought out the slums and with the help of the local staff started activities such as feeding of the hungry and establishing an English school for the children in the slum area in 6 different places namely: Norodom which is now the head office, Sewage, Chung Ek, Japanese Brigde, Oudong and Bantey Meanchey.

In Pro Labore Dei Cambodia we have an average of 120 children for school activities daily. We feed and provide shelter as well as education to the needy and destitute. The Pld Cambodia English Schools have a mixture of foreign teachers and Cambodian teachers. We also get volunteers from time to time.

School activities used to be from 8 am -5pm. Today our classes are from 8 am – 7pm Mondays to Friday. More than 300 people benefit from the bags of rice, noodles, cans of fish, scholarship and more each year.

Our focus however is now more on education. We want our clients to learn not just basic English language but to make them experts and self-employed.

Our vision is that all those who are being trained will serve in Pro Labore Dei after completion so that they gain experience before living us for the job market.

Phnom Pehn, Oudong & Chung Ek
  • PLD Cambodia; 2 Schools (Oudong and Pnom Penn):
  • Home Visitation


We also provide exercise books regularly for the children.