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Pro Labore Dei is a Charitable Organization that is committed to working with the very poor, the destitute in our society for their improvement.

Our objective is to feed the hungry, cloth the naked, shelter the homeless, nurse/treat the sick poor and the aged deserted by relatives, to visit the imprisoned, be mothers to the orphaned and the abandoned children, educate the young poor whose parents cannot…

About Us

Pro Labore Dei was founded on 16th May 1990 in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State of Nigeria.

It began as a reponse to God’s call to Sister Stella- Maris Okonkwo to “Go out into the streets and slum areas where people are suffering and look after the poor”. She began the work with a few destitute in the Bere area of Ibadan with only a few Naira in her pocket.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to work, guided by his Divine Majesty, to redeem His people from destitution. With this in mind, we consciously strive not to rob the client of whatever little dignity he has left and we avoid publicity. Clients’ histories are treated as confidential. On no account should clients’ data or persons be covered by media publications. Our business is to restore again their lost dignity and self-esteem, another aspect of clothing. This clothing is to reflect on all areas of the apostolate, for in this is the actualization of our goal.

Who Cares?

Who cares that I am Hungry?
Who cares that I am Thirsty?
Who cares that I am Naked?
Who cares that I am Homeless?
Who cares that I am Sick?
Who cares that I am Dying?
Who cares that I am Jobless?
Who cares that I am not in school?
Who cares that I am old and alone?
Who cares that I am lonely?
Who cares that I am abandoned?
Who cares that I have nothing?
Who cares that I have no one?
Who cares that I feel like I am nothing?
Who cares that I feel invisible?
Who cares that I feel like an outcast?
Who cares that I feel I do not belong?
Who cares that I am depress?

Who care?
Pro Labore Dei Cares.
You Too Can Care!!!

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