Kitwe and Kapoto

June 2010

In June 2010, Fidelia who have been one of Mother Mary’s Youth – Odiche and have been teaching in our school voluntarily for many years left for Zambia carrying the Pro Labore Dei banner and the fire of God’s Love to the heart of the people to love their neighbour and to take care of their poor the way that Christ did.

Pro Labore Dei Zambia started with 30 members. The primary activity was feeding program – they fed the aged and at the prison. They also held vigil prayers on First Fridays.

In October 2010 a school was started in Kapoto shanty compound area in a mud house with 25 pupils for the period of one year. The school improved from grass to grace and now have over 250 pupils.

  • School:
  • Home Visitation:
  • Children;
  • PLD Juniors:
  • Widows:
  • Prayer Units: Vigil (First Fridays) and visitation of the sick.

PLD Juniors help clean clients houses. The widows do home visitation.

The members give out food packages to clients once a month and help the sick poor with hospital bills when needed. We help the widows train their children as well as help them (the widows) when they are sick (majority are HIV positive).