PLD Health Guild is one of the departments in Pro Labore Dei International organization whose focus and goal is to make a global Health impact on the entire PLD organization worldwide consisting of its members and clients (orphans, handicap& destitute, aged poor and abandoned whom we house in our homes, poor widows/ widowers, beggars on the street, lepers in their colonies etc.)


To see to it that the poorest of the poor that PLD serves have ready access to medical care & services at each point in time globally.

Mission Statement:

To readily put our medical professional expertise & proficiency at the service of God in the poorest of poor worldwide.


  • Outreaches: Health talks, consultation and treatment, Labotory investigations. Training the masses on emergency and First aid e.g. Control of bleeding CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) etc.
  • Immunization programme.
  • Seminars/ workshops by Health professionals.
  • Sponsorship of Health Programmes and equipment needed.
  • Advocacy & sensitilization and recruitment of Health Professionals to join the Guild
  • Sourcing for fund to help the team meet their goals.
  • Volunteering to render services where applicable.
  • Bring to Government awareness the existence of remote areas in dire need of health intervention and facilities.
  • Record keeping and statistics to measure the qualitative and quantitatively the result of our services and ensure that we remain focused on our goals.

Who can join PLD Health Guild

  • Medical professionals: Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacist, Labotory Scientist etc.
  • Members of PLD assigned to the Health Team
  • Non- Professionals who have interest and zeal to serve the Lord in the sick poor.
  • Individuals and organizations who want to do work of charity to the poor.


How do I fit in?

The areas open for volunteering services includes:

  • Offering free consultation and treatment services to clients during our outreaches or PLD funding.
  • Sponsoring treatments and investigations for clients.
  • Sponsoring Health programs like seminars, workshops and trainings.
  • Fund raising to help the guild realize their goals & objectives
  • Record keeping & statistics.
  • Participating in our health programmes e.g. immunization, deworming etc.
  • Ideas and inputs on how to improve our volunteering and charitable services to the poorest of the poor.
  • Advocacy and recruiting other medical professionals & relevant persons to join the guild or to contribute their own quota to our mission.
  • Partnering with us in various areas of interest that will benefit the clients.

How to help:

  • See our services and indicate the areas you can help  e.g. Outreaches to the poorest of the poor in the country you live, seminars in PLD houses on their prayer days, and in PLD schools.
  • Fund raising for the work: Source for fund and send to the account of PLD Health Team for purchase of Ambulances, for building of hospitals, and for adequate health impact.
  • Work in collaboration with the PLD Health Team worldwide. Create awareness of PLD health guild and organizations to the Government, for PLD children to benefit from the Government as other children do e.g. Scholarships, etc.


If you are an existing health services e.g. Hospital, Pharmaceutical, charitable organization etc. you can be in partnership with PLD Health Guild.

Contact PLD Health Team through the website or email address or visit the PLD health guild Headquarters offices or sub offices globally. Drop your proposal indicating the area of PLD health services, you want to be in partnership, stating your Address, Email address, Phone number.