Why don’t you let your light shine on others

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ I will like us to look around us either at home or at our working places to see some of these things that do not look normal but yet are happening and we do nothing about them. ls it that we are harden or that we are now used to them that make us not to think over some of these things and try to bring about a change? What are these things we are talking about?

They are injustice, tribalism, nepotism, cruelty, willful murder, slander, gossip, adultery, fornication stealing, bribery and corruption, obscene talks, immorality: Similarly, why are we not disturbed by the sight of the less-privileged in our society or those who are ignored in the society and tagged ‘mad’? Are you not bothered at the rate that poverty is crawling into every home and only very few people are rich and getting richer everyday? What about those who are naked, those in prison, those who are dying of hunger and have no hope for tomorrow? Can we not do something about these? Are we going to fold our arms and watch?

Now let us ask ourselves ‘why did God make us? I will say that God made us that our light must shine in the sight of men so that seeing our good works they will praise our Father in Heaven. In what ways can we make our light shine on others?

Do you share your bread with the hungry? Do you visit prisons, visit the sick, and console those in pains? Do you feed the hungry? Do you share your shelter with the homeless? Do you clothe the naked? At least, you must do something for somebody. Of course, you always have something to share. If there is nothing to share, share love, advice, smile, laughter, peace and joy that will radiate to others. In doing all these, your light will shine, for in so doing, they will glorify our Father in Heaven.

As Christians we are supposed to bring meaning to the lives of others. We should be an epitome of goodness, love, kindness and what have you, so that others can learn from us.

These good works are not meant for only those in church or those born of the same parents with you. This goodness and act of Charity are meant for all God’s creatures no matter the religion color or race.

Please don’t become so immersed in everyday life that the move you any longer. Learn to think and care about certain situation and try to bring about solutions. Be alert, do not lose sight of justice and don’t think that because one bad thing has persisted it has become the order of the day and can now be normalized. When in doubt as to which step to take, stop and ask questions, enquire to know how Jesus would have done it being in that same situation.

With this I urge you to stand firm and erect without fear or favor to fight injustice and all the ills of the society. Stand up and fight for the downtrodden. Help in whatever capacity you can to bring smile or light to the lives of others.

Whatever you decide to do in order to bring light into the lives of others, do it without any ulterior motive but purely out of love. You should also know that you could do much if you allow the Holy Spirit that lives in you to empower and direct you. He can make you a powerful minister of justice for the Lord.

Charity is for all; why not let your light shine on others? Or are you egocentric? – Me and my wife and children only? Have you ever thought of supporting an intelligent relation who is clever and intelligent, who has gained an admission into a university?

Do you like people to suffer because they are not in the same church with you? In fact, that is not Christianity. The Christians are to bring to others. We are supposed to be an epitome of goodness and love. We are the salt and salt brings taste to the soup. Have we bothered to bring others close to Christ?

The Christians are called to be shinning examples to others and to shun vices such as: –

– Bribery

– Corruption etc.

– Drunkenness, and return to our God in faith

We are to show practical generosity to our dear brothers and sisters. As we received without paying much, we give without being paid. We pray that Mother Mary, the mother of hope and love will guide us along the charity route!